YogiPlay is a children’s yoga program designed to facilitate motor, cognitive, speech-language, and social development while improving physical strength, flexibility, concentration, self-awareness, emotional regulation, and self confidence. Created and lead by Jackie Angulo, speech-language pathologist and certified yoga instructor, these classes inspire children to aim for their best while exploring movement and practicing early mindfulness skills.


Jackie is a speech-language pathologist  and has been working with children for over 10 years.  She has always been passionate about yoga in her personal life and believes that yoga can benefit everyone, especially children. Her love for yoga and working with children as a speech pathologist  inspired her to become a children's yoga instructor.  She was trained by Rainbow Kids Yoga in 2014.  She began to teach yoga classes with the children she did therapy with and saw how powerful it was for teaching self-regulation, socio-emotional skills, confidence, focus, attention,  and so much more. As a therapist, she believes that these skills are crucial for child's development.  She also has her 200 hour yoga certification and teaches adult yoga classes over the weekends.